Crystal's Eyes I and II.jpg
EliseBlack,Alternative Universe, paint,suede and sewn seams on canvas, 70 x 52.5.JPG
EliseBlack,Terrain, paint, sequins and glitter on canvas,98.5 x 71.JPG
Night Shades 53w x 71h,U.JPG
photo 3-11.JPG
red buddah.jpg
_Black_Elise_Modesty(front view)_2014_mixed media assemblage_78.5H variable hight and width.jpg
Beacon_2011_rusted metal light sculpture with antique dolly base-86h x 30w x 42d.jpg
Black_Elise_Convoluted Story_2011_rusted steel-96h x 62w x37d.jpeg
Black_Elise_Distant Memories_2007_mixed media assemblage_84wx64hx6d.jpg
Black_Elise_Modesty(back view)_2014_mixed media assemblage_78.5h x variable.jpg
Black_Elise_Music Hall Muse_2013_mixed media assemblage_96wx64hx16d.jpg
Black_Elise_Nest_2011_light sculpture made of of building supplies_31diameter.JPG
Black_Elise_Tree Rivers,Story of a Mill Town_2009_mixed media assemblage_78wx47hx23djpg.jpg
Elise Black,Summer on Henry St,59h x 55wx13dw x 20d_.jpg
Northern Hospitality.jpg
Will You Be Mine 31w x 58h x 10.5d,2014.jpg
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