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1970 ...turbulent and exciting times for the United States. Richard Nixon was President, anti-war demonstrators marched on Washington, D.C., Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the Moon. Vietnam. Kent State. Woodstock. Jack Nicholson's Five Easy Pieces was just released; Simon & Garfunkel's Bridge Over Troubled Waters and the Beatles' Let it Be were the popular songs of the day.

1970 ...gas was .23 cents per gallon, the average price of a new car was $5,000 and a new home would cost you $25,000.

1970 was also the year when I started my art consulting and picture frame manufacturing business from my California one-car garage, paralleling other modest start-ups such as Mattel, Wham-O, the Walt Disney Company and Hewlett-Packard.

In 1996, my passion for deep powder skiing and the outdoor life motivated me to relocate my business and family from Los Angeles where I grew up after moving to LA from Chicago where I was born, to Basalt, Colorado, a small turn-of-the-century railroad town of just 2,000 people, just ten miles 'downvalley' from the skiing Mecca of Aspen, Colorado. My wife Carolyn and I have three beautiful children: Ryan, Chandler, and Garrett.

In 2003, Wynn Design and Development of Las Vegas, Nevada awarded Graphic Encounter the contract to provide the Pop art of Andy Warhol, Americas Most Famous Artist, and the Cubist art of Pablo Picasso, the Most Famous Painter of the twentieth century, for the 2,600 rooms of Wynn Las Vegas the World's most expensive hotel.

In 2008, Wynn Design and Development of Las Vegas, Nevada awarded Graphic Encounter the contract to custom publish and custom frame original images onto canvas for the 2,300 guest rooms and suites of Encore at Wynn Las Vegas which sits aside Wynn Las Vegas on the Las Vegas strip.

In 2011/2014, MGM Resorts International of Las Vegas, Nevada which is one of the largest and most successful gaming casino developers in the world awarded Graphic Encounter the contracts to provide over 40,000 custom images on canvas, which Graphic Encounter custom framed for the guest rooms, suites and public areas of Bellagio Las Vegas, MGM Grand, and the Bellagio Spa Tower, and The Delano Las Vegas.

Since the 70’s. Graphic Encounter success in Las Vegas, Nevada has been nothing short of extraordinary…providing professional art consulting services to more premier destination resorts and hotels in Las Vegas than any other art resource.

Over the last 45 years, people have often asked me if there's something special about Graphic Encounter that has been responsible for it's growth and success. I respond by saying "listen closely to your clients, make sure you do a great job each and every time, and if there is a problem of any kind what-so-ever, fix it and fix it fast." Graphic Encounter's philosophy is simple. We make client-centric decisions that benefit you.

The rest as they say…is History!

Thank you for 45 + wonderful years in the hospitality industry.


Ron Golbus
President + Founder

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David Jordan Williams
Creative Director | Curator - Graphic Encounter and Educated Eye Fine Art

I opened Williams Studio Photography + Design  in 1980 in
Los Angeles, California and have served a diverse international client base ever since. I'm David Jordan Williams and as a photographer and graphic designer I bring a unique perspective to the work that I do, dividing my time between advertising and commercial photography and music, entertainment and interior / architecture photography.

I strive to bring that unique perspective to creative direction and curation for Graphic Encounter. My Fine Art Photography work is experimental in nature and is a platform for putting my ideas in motion. This sensibility serves to help ad imagination to my fine art work, which includes  more than ten years providing imagery to the hospitality industry, working with an international list of hotels, spas, and destination resorts.

My work is in many private and public collections and I have won many awards over the years for my photography and graphic design, most recently having won first place - outstanding achievement from the International Color Awards, Best in Show - Americana through Communication Arts, and Best of the Best Photography from One Eyeland.


Brenda Broxton. Graphic Encounter moved to the Aspen, Colorado from Los Angeles some 15 years ago. I decided that working in the Rocky Mountain area of Colorado, with it’s diverse cultural and art community underpinnings together with it’s historical dry powder skiing, was just what would round out my business model plans for my firm.

Little did I know that my firms’ business model would benefit so noticeably by the inclusion of Brenda Broxton as our Corporate Comptroller.

Brenda also leads our human resource department. She interfaces with our team members to ensure that we lead by example and that our business model reflects the democratic environment that engenders a highly-cooperative and creative environment. Brenda is highly motivated. Brenda is a real leader. She understands the importance of our team working together in a collaborative environment so that we can all succeed together.

Although growing up in Southern California, Brenda loves the Rocky Mountain life style. Since moving here some 15 years ago, she has married and is raising two beautiful girls, Sabrina and Sierra. Her husband Steve is a commercial builder, loving father, water skier and snowmobile enthusiast.

Besides her critical component to our accounting systems, on a personal note, Brenda is my sister-in-law. This speaks to our lifestyle business model that benefits greatly when everyone works together as a family.