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“Using the basic art elements of color, design and texture I create a vibrant and opulent canvas which both pleases and stimulates the art lover.  The absence of recognizable objective forms leads you on your own journey of discovery.”

Karen’s commercial artist father taught her to use power tools by the time she was eleven, her mother the home arts.  Her fascination with materials even at that early age led to her artistic growth.  She is able to look anywhere around her and see line,
form, and texture and transfer these ideas to a canvas.  The ability to use layered color brings each piece to a captivating conclusion.

Hale constructs her paintings with layers of thick and thin color that is washed, glazed or scumbled, sometimes over textured surfaces. In her new “Serenity Series”  she prefers to use the smooth canvas to let the colors work, flow and interact with each other. A variety of tools are used besides the traditional artists brushes such as found items in the workshop or kitchen.  She may use acrylic paints, mediums, papers, fabric, metallic leafing, chalk pastels.or graphite.  The results are a delight of color and texture and result in depth that draws the viewer in.

Karen Hale has been a professional artist for over 45 years. She learned at her father’s side and even though she has no formal training has demonstrated a natural mastery of the arts.  Over the years she has worked in many art forms therefore has the understanding of how various materials work together and she dares to try.

Her work is found throughout the world in private collections and commercial enterprises.