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About Victoria Veedell


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Victoria Veedell paints atmospheric landscape paintings capturing the fleeting moments of light in nature. Her colorful light filled paintings draw you in offering a place of serenity and allowing for a connection to a deeper level of consciousness. Viewers find themselves feeling calm sometimes remembering a place or a time that may have been forgotten and often times imagining places to go in the future.

Victoria has been painting the landscape in one form or another for over 20 years.  Originally from Houston, TX she earned a BFA in painting from Texas A & M Corpus Christi.  The university years opened her eyes to the world of art. After graduating she worked as a studio assistant for Dan Allison and Dixie Gay two prominent Houston Artists. In 1995 she was ready to make the move to New York to study at NYU.   After studying painting for a year at the graduate level she decided to take a job at a contemporary art gallery to learn the business side of art.  After 7 years it was time to make a change and move from New York to Tokyo. Finally settling in San Francisco in 2003.  All the while no matter where she was she continued to paint. She frequently attends artist in residence programs around the world. For her, attending artist in residence programs has become an integral part of her art practice. Her first residency was at the Vermont Studio Center in 2001. Followed by Chitraniketen Artist Residency in India, Kamiyama Artist Residency in Japan and Chalk Hill Artist Residency in Healdsburg, CA. The residencies provide an opportunity for travel and time to paint. 

Travel is an important component in her work, as it allows her to observe and compare gradients of color, light and atmosphere in different geographic areas.  On her travels she gathers ideas by taking walks around the area making small watercolors and taking many photographs, which become the memory of place and source of inspiration in the studio. In the studio she works exclusively with oil paint on canvas or wood panel because it lends itself well to her technique of painting.   She begins with a loose under-painting usually of bold yellows and pinks and continues to build up the surface through successive layering and glazing of colors.  The painting is made up of countless layers of paint and glazing of color. Reacting to subsequent layers until an image emerges and an inner glow appears.

She is represented by Robert Allen Fine Art, Sausalito, CA, Eminent Design, Sonoma, CA and Secession Art & Design, San Francisco, CA.  She currently has paintings in an exhibition at City Hall and the Harrington Gallery in Pleasanton. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in galleries and art centers and is included in many private and corporate collections.